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Roller Insect Screen consists of rolled insect screen in a spring charged Casette/ Casing attached to a Pull Handle with Side Guides. Horizontally installed the screen moves up and down. Pulled down gives you insect protection. Rolled up completely gets out of your sight.
It is most convenient – Pull the screen when you need, rolls in the casing when you don’t.
It is elegant – With sleek frames the system is elegant and blends with the windows.
It is quick to install – The system is available in preassembled ready to fit kits and can be quickly installed.
Effective Insects protection –Acts as insect barrier. Fights insects out of your premises. Not after they enter your premises. Avoid coils, vaporizers and insecticides. Effective way of window protection and prevention of Malaria, Jaundice and Dengue.
Screen that cant be seen – Blocks insects, not the view and breeze. Enables unhindered outward visibility and good passage of air with about 60% openness factor.
Durable – Will not stain, rust, shrink or stretch. Remains unaffected by moisture and withstands extreme weather conditions.
Easy to install – Flexible, pliable and versatile for installation. Can be easily installed on your existing doors and windows.
Easy to maintain – Cleans easily with soft brush/broom, vacuum cleaner or occasionally with soap and water.
Space required to fit this system 3 inches / 8 cms.
Maximum Single System Width – 72 inches / 1.80 mts
Maximum Single System Height – 72 Inches / 1.80 mts
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